Providing Support
& Expert Consultation

TREAT is a collaborative consortium that provides education, expert consultation, and direct assistance to accelerate commercialization of rehabilitation and assistive technologies.

New rehabilitation and assistive technologies are being developed every day to improve the health and well-being of individuals with injuries and disabilities. Unfortunately, due to seemingly insurmountable barriers in the commercialization process, many of these important and novel innovations never reach the people who can benefit from them the most. These obstacles, which are unique to every device, often include some combination of limited market size, lack of up front development costs, inability to secure and safeguard intellectual property, difficulty in proving technology efficacy, and navigating the medical regulatory and reimbursement systems.

TREAT tailored experiential learning programs have been created to help innovators navigate this challenging commercialization process. The collective expertise of our team, member organizations, and collaborating institutions is leveraged to provide early stage product evaluation, technology assessment, prototype development, commercialization planning and execution, and to develop and foster a pragmatic approach to conducting comparative effectiveness clinical trials.

TREAT has the following mission

Technology Commercialization

To provide research translation and commercialization expertise and education for rehabilitation researchers and bioengineers with product solutions for rehabilitation technology.

Comparative Effectiveness Trials

To enable and encourage comparative effectiveness trials for rehabilitation technologies considered ready for clinical evaluation and use.

Collaborative Partners