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Those interested in seeking TREAT assistance must first create an on-line account using the form template to the left.  After registering with TREAT, you will gain access to TREAT Educational Programs and have the opportunity to apply for our competitive Commercialization Assistance, Fellowship, and Sabbatical Programs.

Submission & Review Process:

Due to the diversity of submitted technology proposals, TREAT has instituted a two-phase application procedure for all competitive programs.  Abstracts may be submitted at any time and are reviewed on a revolving basis to determine if the product falls within TREAT‘s expertise and mission.  If accepted, applicants are then asked to complete a more comprehensive proposal that will be assessed by a multidisciplinary panel of technical, business, and clinical experts during one of our triannual review sessions.

There are many engagement models available to suit the needs of researchers, clinicians, technicians, and entrepreneurs; therefore, we highly encourage anyone with an innovation needing commercialization funding or services to apply.



You may contact TREAT at anytime and our helpful staff will be able to answer most questions or concerns. Our preferred method of contact is email and we will get back as quickly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

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