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Assistive Technology Solutions

Assistive Technology Solutions

Client Profile: Jerry Weisman, Rehabilitation Engineer and lifelong assistive technology expert

Is there a faster way to move novel ideas for assistive technologies and devices into the hands of those who need them most? Assistive Technology Solutions (ATS), an online community of innovators sharing and collaborating in the assistive technology space, aims to do so. ATS is the brainchild of Jerry Weisman and has been a dream of his for over 20 years.

As a young boy, Jerry Weisman knew he wanted to be an engineer, but he also knew that he wanted to help people. With over 39 years of experience in engineering and business development for assistive devices, Jerry joined TREAT as a member of the center’s leadership team. Jerry is leveraging TREAT’s expertise and tools to accelerate the development of ATS.

ATS is a community of people whose primary purpose is to enhance the availability of assistive technology devices. It creates an environment that fosters the innovation of new assistive technology. By archiving and disseminating information, particularly engineering and fabrication instructions as well as providing a space for ideas and a marketplace for short run devices, ATS is helping to accelerate the development and distribution of assistive devices through collaboration.

By working with TREAT’s multidisciplinary team, Weisman has developed a solid business plan for ATS and is currently in round one of testing for the beta website.

“TREAT has been instrumental, both in terms of expertise and funding, in getting ATS to its current state.”

To learn more, visit the ATS website