Application Proposal Submission Instructions


Thank you for your interest in seeking TREAT assistance.  Now that you’re registered with TREAT, application materials are available for submission inside our grant management portal.

Abstract Content

Abstracts provide a brief, non‐confidential synopsis of your technology concept, the need or problem it addresses, its current stage of development, and your future commercialization goals. For each technology concept, applicants must complete a templated form that contains categorical and essay questions in the following areas:

  • Need and Affected population: Briefly describe and provide evidence for the need or problem your technology addresses and estimate the number of individuals who will be positively affected each year.
  • Technology Solution: Provide a non‐confidential, technical description of your device, including key features and functions, current stage of development, and regulatory and intellectual property status. If pre‐clinical or clinical testing has been completed, include that information within this section.
  • Competition and Market Hurdles: Assess the potential market and compare your device to existing standard(s) of care, including alternative or competing technologies.
  • Commercialization Goals and Challenges: Indicate your commercialization goals, and describe up to three challenges you anticipate facing.

After completing the Abstract form a confirmation email will be sent to indicate a successful submission within 1 business day of receipt. All Abstracts will be promptly reviewed by TREAT with feedback typically provided within 5‐10 business days.  If accepted, applicants are eligible to submit Pilot Project Application within the following two review cycles. TREAT will provide instructions for Pilot Project Application after the Abstract Decision is finalized.

Note: To be eligible for Pilot Grant consideration, Abstracts must be accepted three weeks prior to the Pilot Grant Application deadline, on September 9, 2016.  Otherwise, applicants are invited to submit for the next available cycle.