Business Model Validation

Commercialization Process: Business Model Validation


The Business Model is based on assumptions made by the innovator and team based on Customer Discovery insights. These assumptions require validation before they can become part of an actionable plan.  Product evaluation and technology development will have influenced the Business Model and either prove or disprove the key assumptions.  The assumptions should be updated and should be validated with stakeholders including key distributors, opinion leaders, partners and customers to affirm that the prototype meets the market want or need.  As the Business Model takes shape, a well defined business plan will develop.  This plan will be the cornerstone for fundraising, prioritizing capital expenditures, licensing and satisfying all objectives described in the Business Model.

How this Milestone Reduces Project Risk

Business and financial planning is in line with the steps necessary to complete technology development and testing to meet required regulations. There is an exit strategy or business creation in place which provides a future plan for the innovator, team and technology.

What to consider at this time

Building investor confidence is crucial as well as identifying where funding will be sourced and utilized to finish out product development.


So are we! Let’s craft this validation project together.