Concept Evaluation

Commercialization Process: Concept Evaluation


Concept Evaluation confirms that the product concept meets the needs and preferences of the user group or stakeholders.  This can take the form of a focus group or interviews.  The outcome of this stage is confirmation of the technology concept (the technology meets the market requirements), and identification of key features that will guide further development.

How this Milestone Reduces Project Risk

If the concept is not aligned with market requirements, Concept Evaluation is a good time to change the Concept Design prior to resource intensive product development or prototyping.  This reduces costs and increases iterations to identify the most efficient design to satisfy market requirements.

What to consider at this time

Who should be interviewed or in the focus group(s) so that the confirmation reflects the key stakeholders. How can the innovator’s bias or preference be disconnected from insight gathering.

Ready to start?

In this module you will learn how to:

  • Validate that the chosen solution solves the customer’s problem.
  • Test your selected Concept Design with key stakeholders.
  • Finalize a Market Requirements Document.
Module Guide

Learn how this important early step fits into a broader Product Evaluation strategy.

Introduction to Focus Groups, Interviews, and Surveys

This presentation will help you understand the different approaches for conducting market research and how to match the correct approach to your commercialization objective.

Market Requirements Reading

Learn how to translate Customer Discovery interview data into Market Requirements for your Product Evaluation strategy.

Interview and Survey Question Bank

Use this question template to help you come up with the right questions and conversation topics for conducting your market research.

Customer Discovery Supplemental Reading

Customer Discovery informs all aspects of the commercialization process and ensures that product development results in an effective product and a valuable business. Read or revisit this reading on Customer Discovery if needed.

Focus Group and Interviewing Data Collection Worksheet

Before conducting an Interview or Focus Group, pre-populate this worksheet with the questions you will ask and then use it to collect information from stakeholders.