Product Design

Commercialization Process: Product Design


Product Design broadly describes the process of designing the solution to a problem or unmet need in a way that can be replicated and used by others. The ‘product’ may take on many forms including physical objects, computer software, services, experiences, and more. One or more designs are selected that fit the requirements in the MRD & PRD to be further refined with an eye toward user interaction and component architecture/layout. New components are created or existing ones selected, and when combined will perform all of the desired functions as outlined in the PRD.

How this Milestone Reduces Project Risk

Product Design activities result in technology solutions that can be evaluated, refined, and communicated to stakeholders, to ensure that the design meets the needs of stakeholders.

What to consider at this time

As the product design begins to take shape it is critical that stakeholders are satisfied with the design direction and how it relates to broader company objectives. Drawings, mock-ups, and appearance models may all be used to communicate design intent to others.


In the Product Design module you will learn about:

  • Develop a product design that fits requirements in Market Requirements & Product Requirements Documents
  • Gather necessary resources and begin technology development.
  • Conduct regular design reviews with team and stakeholders.
  • Iterate, test and refine solutions.
Product Design Guide