Technology Review

Commercialization Process: Technology Review


A Technology Review is an exploration of the technology landscape as it relates to the innovation on two key points: if the innovation is technologically feasible and if the technology will infringe upon the Intellectual Property of other innovations. By becoming fluent in the technologies that are being used to solve the same and similar problems, the innovator is better prepared to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions. Identify those current or nascent technologies that could be adapted or developed as part of the solution, or that inspire potential technology solutions. Document the technologies utilized in competitive and related products.     

How this Milestone Reduces Project Risk

Technology Review allows the innovator to identify potential risks by evaluating alternative technologies that may more efficiently and effectively solve the identified needs.  Awareness and objective evaluation of related technologies and applications early-on allows the innovator to focus efforts on those that are novel.

What to consider at this time

How have others approached this or similar problems? Is there room for innovation in this space? What is the competitive advantage of my technology solution?

Ready to start?

In this module you will:

  • Generate a broad understanding of the technology landscape.
  • Identify current or nascent technologies that could be a part of a potential solution.
  • Do an objective evaluation of competing technologies and document results.
Technology Review Guide

By familiarizing yourself with the technologies being used to solve the same or similar problems, you will be better prepared to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of solutions. Learn how in this guide.

USPTO Patent Application and Examination Processes

This slide deck from an NIH-sponsored presentation given by Patent Examiner Ram Shukla, PhD is a great primer on intellectual property and includes a list of helpful resources.

Technology Review Worksheet

Use this worksheet alongside the Technology Review worksheet alongside the module guide.

Technology Review Supplemental Reading

How does Technology Review fit into your commercialization pathway? Take a deeper dive with this supplemental reading.