Grant Opportunities

Commercialization Methodology

TREAT Programs have been created to help navigate this challenging commercialization process. The TREAT Commercialization Methodology is the culmination of decades of experience from industry leaders to provide a comprehensive product development pathway focused on maximized efficiency and successful outcomes.




Accelerate your innovation with in-kind services and execution support.



Achieve major milestones and objectives with an injection of capital.

Accelerate your innovation with in-kind services and execution support

TREAT offers Pilot Project grants to support the development and commercialization of novel rehabilitation and assistive technology ideas.   Innovators from all professional backgrounds are encouraged to submit proposals for competitive review. Proposals typically focus on devices that address a clear rehabilitation or assistive need and have developed past the concept stage of design. Applications describing either disruptive technologies or incremental technology improvements are welcome, as are technologies that may have limited market size but high potential for improving the life of an individual by lessening the impact of disease or disability.

To be considered for a TREAT Pilot Project Grant, proposals must present a plan of work that will result in either a commercialized product, exit opportunity (e.g. licensing or selling intellectual property, alternative spin-off devices, etc.), or output (e.g. preliminary data, design prototype, business strategy) that can then be leveraged for follow-on funding opportunities (federal and/or public sources). TREAT encourages active participation and co-funding from alternative sources to insure the funds provided are available for hard costs of supplies, materials, and consultant support.  Eligibility requirements can be found in TREAT Terms and Conditions.



TREAT clients selected for Pilot Project Grants are awarded an allotment of in-kind service hours focused on technical, business development, and clinical evaluation. Services delivered are client specific and need specific. Typical engagements are between 20-200 hours of dedicated hands-on support from industry experts in their fields. Examples of available service offerings:

  • Market Analysis
  • Regulatory Approval
  • Prototyping and Design
  • Transfer to Manufacturing
  • Clinical Testing
  • Business Model Development
  • Clinical Evaluation
  • Software Development
  • Product Requirements Definition


Pilot Project Grants provide targeted non-diluted capital injections that give financial support for discretionary product development needs.  TREAT funding awards range between $5,000 – $25,000 per project.

Review Process

Due to the diversity and complexity of submitted device development proposals, TREAT has instituted a two-phase application procedure. After creating a TREAT account, those interested in seeking TREAT assistance are required to submit an Abstract. The abstracts are reviewed by the TREAT Leadership Team on a revolving basis throughout each year to determine if the product falls within TREAT’s expertise and mission. If selected, applicants will be invited to submit a Pilot Grant Application. The invited Pilot Grant Applications are reviewed by a committee of experts within the TREAT community on a triannual basis and assessed for:

  • Rehabilitation need for the technology
  • Market and business potential
  • Technical feasibility
  • Value added by TREAT assistance

Each proposal is evaluated by at least three reviewers.  Following review, a summary of the reviews is provided to each applicant along with a decision letter.

Upcoming Key Dates

Commercialization Assistance Program Abstract: Abstracts not currently being accepted

Pilot Grant Application: There are no further funding rounds scheduled

Pilot Grant Notice of Award: Approximately five to six weeks following application submission deadline

Submission Assistance

If you have any questions while preparing your grant application, please Contact TREAT.

Application Eligibility, Terms, & Conditions: Please click here.