Entrepreneur Fellowship

TREAT Rehabilitation Entrepreneur Fellowship Program

The TREAT Entrepreneur Fellowship Program is an immersive cooperative educational and professional opportunity for individuals seeking experience in technology translation and commercialization. TREAT, and its member organizations, developed a program to encourage the rapid adoption of the core principals of commercialization to empower rehabilitation entrepreneurs with the resources and skill sets needed to bring their idea or device to market. The fellowship program will amplify the benefits delivered to rehabilitation researchers and clinicians who participate in TREAT by aligning Commercialization Assistance clients with Entrepreneur Fellows to combine their skill sets and expertise to help projects overcome the many hurdles presented during the commercialization process.


Fellowship Program Overview

Fellows will be selected from a diverse applicant pool through a competitive application process and awarded positions for six-month durations. It is expected that applicants will have at least a clinical, technical, or business background. Upon entry to the program, Fellows will gain fluency in all aspects of the TREAT Commercialization Process.

Additional immersive training opportunities will come during the TREAT Commercialization Assistance Program Application process. Fellows will investigate and evaluate potential and existing TREAT clients on their methods, successes and failures via regular one-on-one meetings with their TREAT mentor. Fellows will join the TREAT leadership team and participate in regular meetings, including reviews, critiques, and assistance to the broad spectrum of rehabilitation researchers and clinicians that make up TREAT’s clients.

Following training, Fellows can be matched based on their complementary skill sets and commercialization goals with an existing TREAT client / project that would benefit from their unique experience or expertise. To support their activities Fellows will receive a stipend for their efforts and access to TREAT facilities.

Application deadline is April 6, 2020 for an intended start date in June 2020.  Applications should be sent to  info@treatcenter.org

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